Pediatrician Germantown Maryland

New Vaccination Policy

Complete Care for Kids is dedicated to providing the best care possible for our patients, their families, and our community. We strive to provide comprehensive and compassionate health care. To do so, the pediatricians at Complete Care for Kids have updated our vaccination policy.
Please review our new policy

Welcome to our Pediatric Practice

Image related to Pediatrician Germantown, Maryland At Complete Care for Kids our mission is to provide our patients and families with comprehensive medical care utilizing state of the art technology.  We will make every effort to offer quality medical care and utilize specialty consultations when appropriate.  We believe your health care should be viewed as a joint venture between patient, family and medical provider.

We strive to practice medicine in a caring and compassionate manner and welcome your input as health care consumers.  Our goal at Complete Care for Kids is for our patients and families to feel at home in our office.