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Mental Health


At Complete Care for Kids, we believe that mental wellness is a key player to general health and wellness.  We focus on the brain body connection and we believe mental health is more intricately tied to physical wellness than first believed.   Our office strives to provide integrative health care regarding mental wellness.  If you believe your child is dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, please speak to one of our providers.  We will coordinate care with our team which includes an extensive list of mental health therapists, functional nutritionist Lori Fish Bard,  mindfulness/yoga coach Kathy Smith E-RYT, CPT, RCYT. For more information regarding an integrative approach to mental wellness, make an appointment with Dr. Misha Martin to discuss lab work, herbs and supplements as well as lifestyle medicine as added therapies for mental wellness.  

Remember that treating mental illness is not a one size fits all approach at Complete Care for Kids.  If the road to mental wellness is traveled proactively and holistically our kids can not only survive but flourish in these tough times.

Therapist Referrals:

We have lists of Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Gender Identity therapists that we refer to.  Please click on the appropriate therapist below to take a look at our lists.

Eating Disorders:

Click on the button below to learn more about the practice, Mind Body Health, who specialize in eating disorders.  Mind Body Health offers virtual therapy sessions. 

Executive Function Coaches 

Below are a few executive function coaches that we recommend.  Click the buttons below their name's to visit their websites.

Marci Skigen at Enhance EFS
P: 847-903-5600

Stephanie Gerstenblith
Founder & Owner of Enhancing Your Strengths  
P: 202-487-7386

Elyse Dworin at ELS
P: (301) 466-5123 


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